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'[PICLIST] Misspellings was Re: [OT]: Cascoded'
2002\05\29@044741 by Alan B. Pearce

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>I recently worked as an instructor for a Japanese company
>that builds industrial robots. One of my favorite "Jinglish"
>mis-translation went something like this:
>The company had moved all the controls to the teach pendant, and so
>thought it needed to be renamed as "Programming Pendant". The first
>page of the glossy ad copy extolled the virtues of this design.
>Now dubbed "Programming Pendant", page two instructed in it's proper
>Grasp your P.P. firmly with both hands. Gently squeeze with your left
>until the servo motors come on.
>They had thousands of these printed up and shipped to the states before
>anyone realized what they had done.

A bit like a unit I was involved with while doing my apprenticeship. We were
building a portable HF transceiver designed for trampers and backpackers.
The unit had instructions printed on the plastic case, and had instructions
for opening the battery compartment saying to "turn the fastener
anticlockwise". Only the L was left out of "clockwise", and was spotted by
one of the women on the production line. Luckily this was on a preproduction
batch of 6 units and was despite several people having proof read the
silkscreen master :)

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