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'[PICLIST] MPLAB programming hex file'
2001\04\10@230309 by Orbit Communications

I am still having problems programming a hex file using MPLAB and
Microchip ICD.

If I create a C project and assemble it and program.. it works fine.

I followed the following procedure

1) select PIC16F876 from "development mode" menu
2) set platform as ICD debugger
3) open "Program Memory"
4) Clear Program memory
5) Import hex file to memory
6) connect to ICD
7) Program

Any help appreciated from someone who has programmed hex file only
using ICD.


David Huisman

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2001\04\11@031931 by Quentin

I only once programmed a hex file with ICD and that was to upgrade the
firmware. Worked first time.
I followed the instructions (PDF) that I got from Microchip's web page
to update the ICD firmware.
Try that, might help with the steps involved.

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2001\04\11@141921 by Barry Gershenfeld

picon face
>I followed the following procedure
>1) select PIC16F876 from "development mode" menu
>2) set platform as ICD debugger
>3) open "Program Memory"
>4) Clear Program memory
>5) Import hex file to memory
>6) connect to ICD
>7) Program

In my experience, as soon as you select the development
mode (steps 1 and 2) you will get an error if the ICD
isn't hooked up (because it gets power from the board--
maybe yours is different).  You show connecting the
ICD in step 6.

I only say this because if it doesn't fail where I'd
expect it to, then maybe it didn't go into ICD mode
like you think it did.

What does "doesn't work" mean?  Seems to program
but program doesn't work?


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