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'[PICLIST] Graphic lcd project'
2001\02\10@134436 by Scott Dattalo

On Sat, 10 Feb 2001, George Chatzigeorgiou wrote:

> A long time ago i promised some code about a graphic LCD. I was hoping a i'd
> some time to make some corrections so that i could post it here.
> Unfortunatelly, i didn't. So i post the code as is, with some info to get
> you started. First the LCD is a seiko G121C, 128x128, three-layered graphic
> and text display. It's bundled with the seiko SED1335f microcontroller (
> The code
> contains all the configuration routines, some not very important demo
> routines, and a plot pixel function, which i guess is the most important. It
> is controlled via RS232. If anyone has any questions please mail me.
> P.S1 This project was my first. So be gentle ok?  P.S2 I have a vb program
> designed to communicate with the pic via rs232, but has some bugs. If you
> want it just mail me! Sorry for the delay George Chatzigeorgiou

Interesting. I just so happen to be looking at the 1335...

One thing I'd suggest is providing a "pass through" mode. In other words, think
of the pic as a chunk of silicon responsible for translating RS232 data to
SED1335 commands. This way, the code in the pic can be very simple. All it has
to know is how to read and write to the 1335. OTOH this requires the host (VB in
your case) to know the details of the 1335. It depends on what you're trying to
achieve. If the PIC/1335 combo is intended to be autonomous then my proposal is
useless. If the the combo is always connected to a host then all of the details
can reside at a higher (and an easier to control) level.


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2001\02\11@060348 by George Chatzigeorgiou

The pic/sed system is intended to be a stand alone system. The rs232 comm
was done only for debugging purposes.
But it's very easy to convert the rs232 routines to standalone routines

George Chatzigeorgiou

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