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'[PICLIST] Fw: Fw: Re: +AFs-OT+AF0-: Hydrogen -'
2001\01\24@173059 by Lawrence Lile

Here's what a non-piclister friend of mine said about storing
hydrogen/oxygen mix:

+AD4-       Storing compressed hydrogen and oxygen together in a tank is really
+AD4- really stupid.It's true this guy has never had an explosion. If he had he
+AD4- would be dead and unable to write his articles.It would probably be safe
+AD4- there were nothing that could create a spark or catalyze the reaction but
+AD4- same could be said of nitroglycerin or nuclear bombs. The idea of make it
+AD4- you go hydrogen sounds good though.
+AD4-  Jim Smith

Yup, a nuclear bomb or a tank of H2 +- O2 is really really safe if you don't
detonate it.  So is Ebola virus if you don't eat it or breathe it or get it
on your skin.

-- Lawrence Lile

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2001\01\24@180037 by Sean H. Breheny

face picon face
Isn't there a spontaneous combustion risk? You have all these H2 and O2
molecules shooting around, some tiny number of them will have sufficient
energy to combine and produce H20, releasing a tiny amount of energy and
increasing the local temperature, thereby increasing the probability of
another such event, etc. in a cycle until the whole thing explodes. It is
rare because several infrequent events need to occur close together (both
in space and time), but it seems to me as though it could happen, and
depending on the temp and pressure, with a possibly significant probability
(significant enough that a few of these tanks would explode).


At 04:31 PM 1/24/01 -0600, Lawrence Lile wrote:
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-- hint: The PICList is archived three different
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