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'[PICLIST] DOS MP3 software'
2001\06\18@094604 by Lawrence Lile

I understand someone makes  DOS MP3 player software.  This would be ideal
for an embedded app (not a PIC obliviously), or just a way to hack an old
486 box into an MP3 player.  I've searched for it, and come up dry.

I could see obtaining an old, cheap laptop or 486, sticking it under the
seat of my van with a simple monochrome monitor, and pumping MP3's into my
stereo system with it.  Maybe hack a laptop hard drive into it, so it would
be vibration immune.

-- Lawrence Lile
Still using an old reliable 486 every day as 2nd computer

-- hint: The PICList is archived three different
ways.  See for details.

2001\06\18@101610 by Jeszs


WinPlay 3 works well in 486 100 MHz.
Jesús Gonzalo
INSA, Ingeniería y Servicios Aeroespaciales, SA
Paseo Pintor Rosales 34
Tel: +34-915489149
28008 Madrid (SPAIN)
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2001\06\18@103843 by Soren Knudsen

What about DAMP (Digital Audio Media Player)? -I havent tried it yet but it
looks interesting and runs in dos... Cant remember the url but a search for
DAMP would probably do it:))

Bye, Bye...

>{Original Message removed}

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