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'[PICLIST] C compiling errors on 17c44'
2000\11\08@052552 by s.m.brady

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I am a new pic programmer and I would be grateful for your help.

I wish to read and write to external SRAM. I am using a 17c44. I have used
information directly from the application sheet AN548 and used their
guideline code but when I compile using HITech PIC I get errors.

The code for this function I use is

void Write_Sram(void) //trasnferring data to SRAM
movlw 50       ; load table pointer with 0x5000
movwf TBLPTRH  ;
clrf  TBLPTRL  ;
tlwt  1,0x80   ;high byte @table latch
tablwt 0,1,0x81        ;low byte @table latch and latch program memory
The errors are that TBLPTRH and TBLPTRL are undefined symbols.
I have included the pic174x.h at the beginning of the program.
i feel that I am missing something obvious but cannot find it.

Thank you for your time

Sharon Brady

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2000\11\08@055743 by Michael Rigby-Jones

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To use 'C' defined labels in asm you have to prefix an underscore on the
label e.g

        movwf _TBLPTRH  ;

It should link correctly after that.


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