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'[PICLIST] Antwort: Re: [OT]: WIN-98SE'
2002\05\28@015406 by Martin Buehler

but this is a mainboard problem. older bios allow hd's only up to 8gb. for
larger hd's you need the ez-bios or something similar.

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28.05.02 01:50
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       Thema:  Re: [OT]: WIN-98SE

I also experienced a problem installing a 60 GB
HD as one partition under Win '98 SE - until I
allowed the Maxtor utility to install it's


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2002\05\28@022415 by Dave King

At 07:52 AM 28/05/02 +0200, you wrote:
>but this is a mainboard problem. older bios allow hd's only up to 8gb. for
>larger hd's you need the ez-bios or something similar.

Most motherboard bios have updates available to get up to 32gb on older
ones and as big as you want on the newer ones. Pretty common thing to
have to do. If you can find an update you won't have to use ez-bios.
I've got it on one system that they (motherboard manf) updated the bios
upgrade to handle  a week after I had to use ez and I'd like to get rid of it
if possible (anyone know how?). Works fine but if you don't need it why run it.


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2002\05\28@104001 by Jim

That's interesting ... I successfully partioned
a 40 GB HD with one 30 GB partition onto this
MB system (an Intel SE440BX-2 Motherboard purchased
in late 1999) under Win '98 SE about a year ago ...

The "EZ-BIOS" that self-installed (after prompting
me!) during the execution of Maxtor's install utility
does seem to have seemlessly fixed the probklem and
the 60 GB disk is now up and running with one
large 60 GB partition.

I knew that WIn '95 had a drive-size limitation
and have had to break up larger drives into
smaller partitions.

I also installed it using a disk-drive 'rack and
frame' set, model number:

     SNT-169ATA3 ATA-100 (IDE)

"Mobile Rack" constructed of aluminum and containing
no less than 3 small cooling fans (2 front, 1 rear)!

I had researched this before purchasing and the manufacturer
had a website describing their product:

I bought it locally at Microcenter (USA retail 'brick
and mortar' store) even though these "Mobile Racks" are
available over the net from some vendors for less than
what I paid:


{Original Message removed}

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