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PICList Thread
'[PICLIST] AD: New On Screen Display demo program f'
2001\02\07@101441 by kayode.ayandokun

The free PIC assembler program for interfacing the 16F84 to the STV5730A
on screen display chip, available from, has
just been updated.  The program demonstrates how only two routines are
required to initialise the STV5730A and write its entire character set
continuously to the screen. The demo program is annotated with comments
to explain its function which refer to the STV5730A data sheet.

Thanks to Risto Kuiva there is now also a PICBasicPro version of the
demo program. Risto is developing a wireless video system for a remote
control model helicopter using the project board to provide a text
overlay of telemetry information. For details of this project please
visit Risto's website at

We are currently auctioning a PIC 16F84 On Screen Display project board
on Ebay which has been used extensively for software development and
There is no reserve on this auction.

* 16F84 microcontroller for flexible development
* STV5730A on screen display IC gives 28 characters by 11 row screen
* 128 text and graphics characters defined in ROM
* Text over video or self generated video signal
* 10 16F84 i/o lines allow easy interface to sensors, keypads, etc
* Power supply 5V dc or 9 - 12dc via on board regulator
* Free demo software
* Enclosures, accessories and connecters available

Visit for more details and the free 16F84
STV5730A interface source code.


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