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'[PICLIST] A little question'
2001\01\30@074116 by dre Domingos F. Souza

       People, in the NoPPP programmer, if I connect the crystal and the capacitors to the PIC, will it still work? I want to use it as an "in circuit programmer"...

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       All the best!!!
       Alexandre Souza
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2001\01\30@083559 by BENEDICIC SAMO

It works perfect, I just added a switch and two small 5V relays on the
programmer to disconect MCLR, V+, RB6 and RB7 from the target circuit when
programming. I have connected grounds of NOPP and target.  Might also work
without relays, but I never tried it. I use   0.5 m  long extension cord
from NOPP to target and I just insert that into the circuit instead of PIC.
It is now really a mater of 30 seconds to reprogram the PIC. BTW, I have
cristal and capacitors on target, not on NOPP. Regards, Samo

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