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'[PICLIST] 16C63A vs 16C63???'
2000\11\07@135118 by Ken Godee

Probably a dumb question and sure it's been
asked before.....but can anyone tell me the
difference between the 16C63A and 16C63
besides price? Digikey .....
63A/JW = $9.18 (single)
63/JW = $13.49 (single)
Looking thru datasheets I can't find any difference.

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2000\11\07@140544 by rchock, Steve


The biggest difference is the die size. They may have also
fixed some bugs in the silicon. Their should be a section towards
the back of the databook that may explain improvements further.

Best regards,

Steven Kosmerchock
Radio Frequency Systems
Phoenix,  Arizona  USA

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2000\11\08@012344 by Thomas Koscica

When die-size shrinks, this might increase noticeable current consumption at
low clock speeds (32kHz); I have seen such an increase between the 73A and
73B when using TMR1 with 32kHz XTL for timekeeping.

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