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'[PICLIST] [sxtech] [OT] Looking For a Used HP5L Pr'
2000\09\02@043723 by sxtech

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Fellow List Members,

I know this is really off topic but a MD friend of mine is trying to find a
used (or new) HP5L laser printer in good condition.  The reason for this need
is he is locked into a particular software package which supports very few
laser printers and the HP5L was the one his office purchased for him.  I went
to the HP web site and even called HP without success (The Model HP5L is
considered obsolete).

If any of you members of these lists want to get a newer printer now might be
an opportunity to sell your older HP5L and use the proceeds to move into a
newer model.

If you have one please E-mail me with a price if you are interested.

Thanks and Regards,

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Parallax SX tech support:   (916) 624-8333


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