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'[PICLIST] [PIC}:I2C - 16F877 Some chips not respon'
2000\08\21@141045 by Chamberlain

Not one reply, so I will ask again.

Help please. Any clues will do.
I seem to have a problem with 2 of my I2C chips. After receiving help from Andy Stubbins I now have the 877 talking to my 24LC65 Eeprom via the  I2C MSSP.
The clock and thermometer chips do not respond. The I2C pcb was moved from a 16F84 test pcb to the 877 test pcb so I know it works. I wondered if the other chips do not support 400Khz mode so I changed to 100Khz. I started the '877 at 20Mhz but changed to 4Mhz adjusting the setup as I went. I now have 2 pluggable xtals. They both work OK, 877 starts, LCD displays a message from eeprom .
I am using 22k pull-ups and have added 2 more in parallel to reduce the resistance and test the signal rise time. I used converted code, pin bashing the I2C pins to test the electronics which worked. Any ideas why these other two chips do not respond??

Thanks in advance. Chris Chamberlain.

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