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'[PICLIST] [PIC]How to USB on PIC16C765'
2001\02\15@150443 by iklas Wennerstrand

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I'm on a hunt for information on how to implement USB in a PIC16C765.
I was thinking that someone have developed some simple application and
willing to share the information on how to do it (simple USB???;-). Some
home page with a project or anything with a PIC and USB.
In an ideal world someone have developed a simple Widows driver for
connection to the PIC16C765 to just send and receive data but I have not
found that yet. A lot of USB driver development kits and stuff is easy to
find but to a plain mortal like me that never have written Windows driver
it's a bit tricky to get USB to work in an easy manner.
Microchip support a template for setting up the PICmicro but no Windows
driver. The template is just to get started with the enumerations and
USB is easy to use for the end user but to do the firs application with USB
takes a lot of effort.
Consider that Cypress that have been into USB for a long time do not use USB
for their development USB kit.(plain RS232 there)
That makes one think doesn't it?
In an ideal world I would like to accesses a driver trough Visual Basic or
similar and some easy way to get a vendor number into the device driver and
So is there any on this list that have some nice links to offer?

Niklas Wennerstrand

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2001\02\15@161546 by mmucker


I too am on a quest to learn USB with a PIC.  The USB standard is so bloated
it's almost indecipherable.

I'm planning to start with a HID device. That way, you don't need to write a
Windows driver.  My very first attempt will probably be 4 pushbuttons.  To
test it, I'll load up flight simulator and try to assign the buttons to
flaps up, flaps down, etc.  If I can use my buttons to extend and retract
the flaps, it'll be considered working!

BTW, where were you able to find the 16C765?  I can't find any of the
erasable parts anywhere. If you know of a source, please do tell!


(BTW, I found the book "USB Complete" to be helpful, as well as hundreds of
printed pages from

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2001\02\15@164118 by Al Parsons

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Hello Niklas:

I can relate to your frustration.
Check out this may find something useful there.


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2001\02\15@165333 by severson

Ah, darn-it. Didn't reply to list...

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And "USB Design by Example" by John Hyde.

-Robert Severson

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