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'[PICLIST] [PIC] call, main, goto, locations!'
2002\07\07@192007 by Kevinhoward

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This may seem like a daft question!!!


I have written a routine based on time delays from an input pulse
which uses call, goto, instructions. Should the main routine be located
before or after the "called" subroutines?

Does it matter if the "goto" subroutine is before or after the main routine?

For example;

      btfsc     portb,1
      goto     pulse1
      call       action1       ;should action1 be listed before or after

      btfsc     portb,2
      goto     pulse2
      goto     light2           ;should light2 be listed before or after

      btfsc     portb,3
      goto     pulse3
      call       delay1        ;should delay1 be listed before or after

      goto     main


Thanks for your help in advance--Analogue electronics for 28 years but a pic
newbie!!!!! learning fast but can't seem to find some basic rules!!!

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2002\07\07@231423 by Richard Mellina

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When you 'call', the location in the program is stored ("pushed") into the
'stack'. At the end of the subroutine is placed the 'return' instruction
which retrieves ("pops") the program location on top of the stack and goes
to it. When you use 'goto' the processor simply jumps to that location in
the program and runs from there. I hope this helped solve your problem. Good

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2002\07\09@183440 by Kevinhoward

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rsill -

Thanks for your help--- and moreover taking the time to reply to a newbie to

You supplied me in 6 lines with what I had missed in the numerous pic
"learning " books I have purchased.

Thanks again


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