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'[PICLIST] [PIC] UART problem solved (sort of)'
2000\09\08@033101 by Damien Kee

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I have it partially solved.

Alexandre has said that the internal pull-ups are activated only when
writing to the whole port, and not when manipulating individual
bits.  From the documentation though, I can't seem to find any control
bits for pull-up resistors for PORTC.

So what i've done is initially written to the whole port, 0xFF.  Luckily
I'm not using PORTC for anything else and seems to have fixed the
problem.....  for now.

Thanks to everyone for your help.


Damien Kee
3rd Year Electrical Engineering
University of Queensland

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2000\09\08@033724 by Michael Rigby-Jones

I'm sure there was some discussion on this a while back on the list as to
whether the TRIS registers needed to be set or not in order to be able to
use the USART.  Opinion was divided!  Normaly peripherals will overide the
TRIS and data latch settings, but the USART does seem to be a little fussy.
A definative answer would be nice.


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2000\09\08@063305 by Chunhee Song


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