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'[PICLIST] [PIC] Laser oscilloscope & Diodes'
2001\01\22@121022 by Andy Faulkner

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Now here's costly subject.

You can use motors with restricted rotation, Speakers
with front coated mirrors on a speaker or RC servo's.

What you realy need is a device used in the industry
called a galvonometer "Scanners", these are driven by
analog voltages around +12 to -12 to gove full

Two are required

General Scanning
Cambridge Technology

There are mainly two types closed and open loop
scanners, one has a possition feedback. These don't
come cheap but you can often find G50's in large old
printing equipment but not moder  laser printers.

Also required, two channels of DtoA and depending on
scan resolution 8bit will be ok 16bit superb.

I did this about 10 years ago with a BBC model B
computer driven from the 1Mhz bus

If your going to directly set logcal positions, youll
need some fast code or use them as a raster scanner
and simply toggle the laser to create spots like a
matrix display.

There are other ways to drive them like and Audio

You will need to refresh your scan at 30Hz to prevent
flicker, sounds easy!!!

Here's another point, unless your laser diode is
fairly powerfull you wont see much at high speeds.

All the Best


I have library's full of info on this topic.

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Andy Faulkner
Pyrosync International

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2001\01\22@153902 by Fansler, David

I have also done some work with laser scanning.  If anyone is interested, I
have some scanners available - please contact me off list.

David V. Fansler
Network Administrator
TriPath Imaging, Inc. (formerly AutoCyte, Inc.)
1-800-426-2176 ext 261
Now Showing
Ann Fansler (December 1, 1956 - September 23, 2000)

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2001\01\23@033810 by Bureriu Cristian

The idea was to get something like a TV screen ...


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