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'[PICLIST] [PIC] Re: Who else uses the 16F877?'
2001\07\19@102600 by Jeff DeMaagd

Hey guys, please use the [PIC] header for PIC related discussions.

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From: Mike Mansheim <spam_OUTMichael_J_MansheimTakeThisOuTspamGRACO.COM>

> >> accessed at certain times and turns off the system at a four,  six, or
> >> twelve month interval.  If someone copies your code they won't find it
> >> for six months...
> > You are *really* devious. I like that. :=) A six month time bomb, that's
> > great.
> As long as you have control of and know the location of every chip YOU
> shipped, otherwise you've hurt yourself.

Have you been watching the thread at all?  At least present an argument for
your case.  I know a few possible dangers that you may be hinting at but you
shouldn't make us guess why you think this way.


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