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'[PICLIST] [PIC] Interesting Results / Defective P'
2002\05\27@110755 by Rajiv Thakur



I have done a programe that includes an IR input from a remote control,
output to ports for relays and IIC to Serial Memory 24C08 interface. I am
using 2 new  16F876 for development since last 2 days.


One of the PIC(no1) functions 100% perfectly. The otherPIC (No2) also is
getting programmed correctly  by the same WARP 13 A programmer, the IR, and
ports work well but the IIC serial communication to the memory does not
work!!! Thus there is a partial response.

I loaded a 16C72  with the same software,( that was the chip I had and the
code was designed to eventually use a 16C72 with 24C08 instead of a 16F876),
and it also worked well (100% including IIC).


1. Have U also observed such a behaviour of a PIC giving partial response
despite the programming being reported OK.
2. Any reasons that could explain the above (The PIC is new and 2 days old)
3. If the Chip is  partially defective, what is the most reliable method of
knowing it apart from trial and error and benchmarking with 1 or 2 more


Rajiv Thakur

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