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'[PICLIST] [PIC] Can Someone help me with the USAR'
2000\12\02@034529 by Jeethu Rao

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------ 2000\12\02@055606 by Heinz Czychun
Hi Jeethu,

       While I have no experience with hardware USARTs, but a quick look
at your code shows a problem.

       There is nothing to stop the main code from crashing through to the
"rxed" subroutine, then when it gets to the return it's off on it's own and
well, who knows. Surely not what you wanted. I believe an endless loop
after the

BSF INTCON,GIE ;I also forgot this
BSF INTCON,PEIE ;Yes, This too is required

instructions would be in order.


At 1:57 PM 11/2/2000, Jeethu Rao wrote:
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2000\12\02@091855 by mike

On Thu, 2 Nov 2000 13:57:53 +0530, you wrote:

>Hi there all PICLIST Members,
>I am quite new to the PIClist as well as the PIC16F877. I code in assembly. And after reading all the relevant Data Sheets and Documents provided by Microchip, I wrote the source code I've attached to this message as a zip file. Everything seems to be Ok. But when I write this code on the PIC and test it with a Terminal Program, I get a lot of errors.
>Basically the only function of this test code is to echo whatever it gets back. All the hardware aspects like the MAX232 and the Computer UART seem to to be ok.
>Here are the info you would ask for
>Clock Speed 5.00 Mhz
>Baudrate:- 2400bps
>SPBRG Value 0x81
>(High Speed Baudrate Geterator Mode)
>Actual Baudrate: 2403.xx
>The Error Probability Seems to be less than 1% but still, the errors are practically much more frequent.
Baudrate error is not a probability, just a figure to add to the whole
system error budget. If your total error is within spec (5-10%,
depending on the receive sampling method) the probability of errors
should be zero. If out of spec it will be 100% on certain data vaues.

You should have no data errors with a 1% baudrate error.
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