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PICList Thread
'[PICLIST] [OT] The future of'
2001\08\29@193635 by James Newton. Admin 3

face picon face faces a challenge in the next few months. That is, just none of this affects the PICList mailing list as hosted by

I'm going to have to scramble to find a new connection to the internet for
the servers around the first of the year. Keep in mind that
rides along on the same connection my other (few) "paying" servers ride on.
The server is an NT box that I slapped together and have
improved with donations, etc... from PICList members. It's been fun.

It looks like my current co-hosting situation is going to go bye-bye. I have
to move my office and there is very little choice for internet access in the
available sites. My options at this point are:
- DSL: I don't like it. I don't care what anyone tells you, its not faster
than cable and it is NOT reliable. Nothing you run over 30 year old
unshielded copper wire buried in the ground is reliable. I tried it at the
house and it didn't work worth beans. For occasional access to the internet
for your wife and kids, it is probably fine, but not for a server. However,
it is cost effective, available at most locations and may be my only choice.
- Cable modem: Won't be available at any of the new office locations until
1st quarter next year. is the ISP and they want about double
what I pay now for much less access. At my home, cox@home works, but does
not allow servers. cox@work is very expensive and doesn't allow servers,
but... Cox has a "T1 times 2" service for a few hundred a month. Hummm....
- T1 Frame Relay: Starts at $700/month $5000 install and only gives me
128Kbps. What a rip.
- Pay someone else to host the site: Don't forget, I use lots of ASP pages
and a huge SQL server database. So far all the services I have talked to are
A) unreliable in the opinions of their own users B) Don't support what I
need, or C) cost almost as much as the connection would cost.

I'd like to have it on a cox T1 at my house and move the office and all the
servers there, but I can't quite swing the financing... The T1 would be
about $165/month more than what I have in stable hosting contracts on my own
servers right now. There is also an insane setup fee which would take all
the "spare" money I have and wipe out my fund for a new PICList server. But
it would give me massive bandwidth, 7 separate IP addresses (no more virtual
hosting, maybe add a Linux box again), I would have more time to work since
it would be at home, etc...

So, how can I make $165 more a month? The best thing would be if I could
pick up another good commercial web hosting contract separate from the site. I specialize in low cost development of tricky little
dynamic content pages... not heavy graphics, but special content. I have
lots of experience in ecommerce, customer support/service, and research

Other than that, here are some things that I DON'T WANT to do:

PICList members have always had the ability to host their entire homepage
sites on free of charge... and that will not change. Here are
some examples:
Notice that there are no "ads" or nav links at the bottom of the basic18
site... Also, being including in the search engine at is a good
thing. We are getting lots of hits, getting indexed by each of the major
search engines about once every two weeks and so your page has a better
chance to be seen if people search the site for a subject that you have a
page about.

I haven't been willing to give people ftp access because that does require
some time to administer (setup ftp logins etc..) and presents a security
risk which has to be monitored. Maybe that's something that would be worth a
few bucks a month? I doubt it.

...and No, I am NOT getting paid for advertisements on the site.
I just put up things that I think are exciting and that people browsing the
site should see, no matter what page they are on. Most of them disappear if
you log in as a member.

I don't want to have influenced by any advertiser, but if many
small advertisers came forward, it might not be so bad. What do you think?>>>

Well... I really don't like this one. I don't expect people to do things
without a return on investment and I expect that any sponsor will influence
the site in the direction of their special interest. Not good. Pay me to
develop and host some other site and can ride along on the same

I could charge for access to the archive, etc... but I won't. Not nice.
Violates my "free access to free information" rules.

How about a news service that emails you links to PICList posts and new site
content that matches your area of interest? The customization of the free
info is what gets paid for. That could be subscription based or advertiser
supported (or either at the subscribers option) I would have the next couple
of months to write the code for it and start collecting payments... PayPal
does subscriptions now,>>>


Anybody have any other ideas? Do you know a company that has a need for a
specialized, highly automated, dynamic content website that could provide
the needed extra contracts for my other servers?

P.S. Just a reminder, this is about NOT about the list itself.
Also, will remain on the air and remain completely free, and
probably unbiased by advertisers.

James Newton, Admin #3
1-619-652-0593 VM 1-208-279-8767 FAX
PIC/PICList FAQ: or .org

-- hint: To leave the PICList

2001\08\30@005437 by Randy Glenn

picon face
What about a different cohosting arrangement? I've heard some good things
about DollarHost - They're a Vancouver outfit.

Of course, if you need the ability to be physically at the server, this is
right out. However, maybe there's a local PICLIST member who'd be willing to
help should something go wrong with the server.

-Randy Glenn

Measure twice, cut once, curse, discard.
Repeat.================================================= -

   Not that the site works yet, of course...

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