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'[PICLIST] [OT] RE: What have you designed using PI'
2002\07\06@121011 by John Dammeyer


Nope, don't fly in bad weather.  But as part of my night rating I was
doing circuits and my instructor and I were still flying within the VFR
weather minima .. Just...

While we were up there a small weather system moved through.  We were
never in the clouds  and never lost sight of the ground but it was an
interesting experience.  For a moment the misty rain turned to snow
flakes and that's when we tried out the flashlight.  The whole event
lasted perhaps 5 minutes.  Night landings in gusty cross winds with the
landing lights turned off are certainly interesting.

Up in Canada we are required to do 5 hours of Dual Instruction at night,
5 hours of hood work (instruments only) and 5 hours of solo at night.
In those hours,  a dual night cross country is included.  After
certification we have to make 5 take offs and landings at night every 6
months if we want to carry passengers at night.

The Canadian Private Pilots License requires 5 hours of hood work which
I believe is two hours more than the American PPL and I don't know what
the American Night rating entails.


John Dammeyer

Wireless CAN with the CANRF module.
Automation Artisans Inc.
Ph. 1 250 544 4950

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2002\07\06@122248 by Dave

I SOO want to get my pilots licence. So far I've only had a play at
flying a little old chipmunk.

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