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'[PICLIST] [OT] High Powered Rocketry - FAA waivers'
2001\09\28@194747 by Michael Olson

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  I received this e-mail on the amateur rocketry
mailing list, reporting that as of this afternoon, FAA
waivers are now valid:

Here's the news we have been waiting for:

It is now in writing that all rocketry activities are
restored to their status prior to Sept.11th.   This
has been
sent by Washington, D.C. to all regional centers.  It
has been forwarded on to all FAA ATCs.  I have
confirmed this with Northwest Regional as well as the
Casper FAA Flight Service Station.   THIS IS IN

All waivers previously issued are valid and new
waivers can be granted.  Your regional and FAA ATC
should have this by now or should be getting it about
now.  This happened this afternoon, Sept. 28th.


So power up all those PIC-based avionics and head out
to your local launch site. It's going to be a
beautiful weekend!


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