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'[PICLIST] [OT] CCS Compiler Error - Internal Error'
2001\01\29@162008 by Bill Kaufman

Hi Folks,

I am building a PIC based terminal with a 40 X 2 Character display and
5 X 4 keypad. This interfaces to a PC through an RS232 port.

I have the keypad and display working fine. I press a key, the proper
character shows up on the display. I was also able to get the same
character out the RS232 port.

As the final stage in development, I attempted to enable interrupt driven
RS232 receives so when a character arrived on the RS232 port, I could
process it to the display. However, when I tried compiling this I received
the following error:

    "Internal Error - Contact CCS => Code 20:585:6"

According to the documentation, the error is in linking. I sent the code
to CCS but thought I would ask if anyone has any ideas on this.



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