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'[PICLIST] [OT] Any ideas on a car security system?'
2001\01\29@151551 by Mike Mansheim

everything you said sounded reasonable, except:

>>If the mixture in the cylinders is lean enough, you can get
>>hot spots and knocking -- which should trigger the knock
>>sensor and cause an engine shutdown.

I don't think the knock sensor causes the engine to shut down -
it is just one of the feedbacks the engine control computer
uses.  Typically the spark advance would be reduced in
response to knocking.

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2001\01\29@163227 by James Paul


I didn't see the original post, but here is my two cents worth.
The knock sensor will not shut down the engine.  At least in my
experience, I have never seen it happen.  The knock sensor, when
activated by a knock, will signal the computer to retard the
ignition timing until either the knocking stops, or the ignition
timing is retarded as far as it can be, within the limits programmed
into the computer.  But the engine should keep running.  Now, of
course,  the knocking, and the resulting adjustment, may cause some
other parameter to get so far off it's nominal value, that possibly
the engine might shut down.   I don't know here.  It just depends on
how the computer is programmed to handle parametric extremes.



On Mon, 29 January 2001, Mike Mansheim wrote:

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