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'[PICLIST] [EE] TO-220 heatsinking: THANKS!'
2002\02\14@103345 by Trevor Page

Hi all,

I'd just like to say many thanks to those who have offered advice on the
heatsinking issue. Some very interesting points have been made, and no doubt
I shall now redesign the board to make room for some heatsinks. The point
about the extra mechanical support they offer is a good one too (it gets a
right pain when the TO220 packages start to bend around and fall off after
you've handled the board a few times...)

So for future heatsink calculations, I suppose the best approach is to
actually make some temp measurements inside the enclosure under extreme
conditions e.g. under a spotlight or something, and use that as your Ta?
Hey, this thermometer I've had on my 15yr old Casio watch may come in useful
after all...



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2002\02\14@104436 by Kathy Quinlan

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Only just catching up with email before going to bed.

In all my designs where a heatsink is not needed (in theory) I place a
copper pour as big as possible on the top and the bottom of the board, and
leave enough room for a TV4 heatsink they only cost ~au$0.50 in qty's of
1000 and do for all the jobs I have needed where a heatsink is more a
precaution than a requisite.



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2002\02\15@031211 by Mike Blakey

I have a natty little excel spreadsheet for heatsink calcs, If you wish, I will
email you a copy off list.

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