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'[PICLIST] [AVR] Change over from HC811'
2001\04\02@183613 by John Samperi

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I'm looking at changing over from a Motorola HC811 controller
to the AT90S-4434-8JC (Or the 8535).
I would be interested to hear from anyone that either has done
the same thing or has experience with both controllers, to warn
me of any inevitable "gotchas" that would waste a lot of my time.
We use from 1000 to 1500 per year of these controllers. I put
this question to another forum ( and only got one
response so far.
The filtering system on this list seems to be working, and it's
almost to the stage where I can monitor it without getting
swamped with stuff of no use to me. Well done.


John Samperi

                               Ampertronics Pty. Ltd.
              11 Brokenwood Place Baulkham Hills NSW 2153
                Tel. (02) 9674-6495       Fax (02) 9674-8745
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