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'[PICLIST] +AFs-PIC+AF0-: Noisy relay switching in '
2001\11\14@174547 by Lawrence Lile

What have you done with the watchdog timer?  I've had the experience of
having all this great regulated power supply, diodes on relays, brownout
circuit, but still if the watchdog is not enabled, and I get the briefest
interruption in power, the PIC hangs. This can happen especially on
power-down.  If there are no loads on the power supply, it retains voltage,
and  the PIC is still hung when you power back up.

Also, Do you have any ceramic capacitors on your 5V power supply line?

What is the mechanical arrangement of your relay vs your PIC?  You may need
a grounded shield under your PIC, esp if the relay ends up right below the
PIC on a daughterboard.

-- Lawrence

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