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PICList Thread
'[PICLIST] +AFs-OT+AF0- Unsubscribulationism'
2001\12\26@175423 by Lawrence Lile

When the  Ubiquitous Unwashed
Untutored as they are in the Unknown Art of Letters
Unbelievably understanding little,
ask to be Unceremoniously Unseated from the PIClist,
(undubitubly the Utmost Utterance of Understanding)
Unbeknownst of the Unbeliveably Userfriendly method,
they often( unwittingly) send commands to the   list (not the listserv)  not
+ACI-Unsubscribble+ACI-  or
+ACI-Please, Please O U great Uncle PIcList,  Unscribe me+ACEAIQAi-   and other such
unwholesome utterances.

It's become a running joke on the list for years.  Pardon the Poetic


{Original Message removed}

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