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'[PICLIST] +AFs-OT+AF0- Garbled Subject Headings w'
2001\10\05@181813 by Lawrence Lile

+AD4- +AD4-He doesn't mean that you have to have Eudora to SEE the problem, he says
+AD4- +AD4-that posts which originate from him are OK, but when someone with Eudora
+AD4- +AD4-REPLIES to his posts, the REPLY has the weird encoding(which is visible
+AD4- +AD4-ANY email client), which then gets perpetuated whenever someone replies
+AD4- +AD4-the reply. Do I have it right Lawrence?

That's my theory. My posts seem to be OK the first time, but someone's reply
to them is often garbled. Can't print any nonalphannumeric character.

I guess I have only verified that SOME of the users who seem to report the
AFS problem have Eudora, that may or may not mean all of them do.  (Some
dogs may  have fleas, but all fleas have dogs..)  I can't duplicate the
problem at all with Outlook Express, all my posts seem to come back normal.

The problem seems to stem from the ASCII text setting I have on my email

In Microsoft Lookout Depressed, under  Tools:Options:Send:PlainTextSettings
I currently have the option of either Mime or Uuencode, and Mime comes in 3
flavors, Encoding None, Encoding Base 64, Encoding Quoted Printable,  with
+ACI-Allow 8 bit characters in headers+ACI- another option.

I've tried all these iterations in test messages, picked the one that works
best, and seemingly at random the problem shows up again.  Grrr.

Can someone else who is using Microsoft Outlook Express look up these
options and let me know which ones they are using?   Maybe we'll get this
problem, which annoys 2000 piclist members to distraction, fixed for good.

+ADw-sarcasm+AD4-Aren't computers wonderful?  +ADw-/sarcasm+AD4-

{Original Message removed}

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