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'[PICLIST] +AFs-EE+AF0- high efficiency feed to mai'
2001\03\08@143844 by Lawrence Lile

I don't know about you 50Hz types, but here in the US the power companies
get touchy about people injecting power back into the mains.  Seems that if
the mains power goes out, a lineman may get zapped by what should be the
+ACI-cold+ACI- side of a fault, if your solar inverter is pumping energy back in.

Then they also get upset about running the meter backwards ( if you generate
excess) except in forward looking states that have enacted legislation to
force them to allow such generation.

The third thing they get upset about is sychronization.  Getting your
inverter in synch with the mains power is no small trick, and you'll burn it
up quick if you connect the two and they are not in synch.   If there are
large numbers of solar generators online (not likely too soon) then the
power system stability could become an issue.

In many instances, it is wise to have a SPDT switch installed that can
choose either mains power or solar power.  Or perhaps run the solar to a
small, steady load like a refrigerator, and dedicate it to the task.  This
avoids any issues about mixing mains and solar power.

So far the only solar installations I have worked on are completely
off-grid, so we didn't have to worry about these issues.  After struggling
to build inverters, we kept seeing the prices for small commercial inverters
dropping and the efficiency rising, so we wimped out and just bought one.

I have heard of inverter systems that sniff for mains power, and will not
power a mains line that is not fed from somewhere else.  How they do this I
don't know.

Lawrence Lile

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