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'[PICLIST] +AFs-EE+AF0-:humidity sensors'
2001\09\27@091422 by Lawrence Lile

It's better to use math directly.  If it's worth it to you I'll rummage
around and dig out the formulaes.
--Lawrence Lile
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2001\09\27@091830 by Lawrence Lile

Nope+ACE-  You may know that ice will +ACI-sublime+ACI- even below 0C - basically it
evaporates into the air without melting first.  There is always some
humidity in the air, even below freezing.  Relative humidity is the quantity
of moisture in the air versus the maximum quantity it can hold at
saturation.  Even if the air can only hold a smidgeon, if the air actually
is holding 0.8 smidgeons, it is 80+ACU- RH+ACE-

--Lawrence Lile

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