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'[PICLIST] +AFs-EE+AF0-: LCD driver'
2001\10\23@100630 by Lawrence Lile

Whenever I have a project with a custom LCD, I double my time estimate.
They can be lots and lots of bother.

1.  Develop your project with a simple serial LCD from Scott Edwards et al or
This just uses serial RS232, and will get you up off the ground and running

2. Meanwhile, you will have a 4-6 week leadtime getting your first custom
LCD sample.  You can get them overseas or in the states.  It is best to get
them from your ultimate supplier, because the up-front NRE charges are
steep, sometimes +ACQ-4000 for 1-2 LCD's.  Your mileage may vary.  Your NRE
charge may be refundable if later you buy volume from the same source.

3.  Most cheap toys etc. use a micro with a custom LCD driver.
Unfortunately, Microchip's one lame entry into this field prices them out of
the market.  You can drive your LCD directly with a PIC, but it is a bunch
of trouble and reinventing the wheel.  Holtek  makes a PIC
knockoff with an internal LCD driver, and just recently have a distribtor in
the US    Holtek is the master of high volume low
cost low quality electronics. (+ACM-define Holtec +AD0- Toys)

4. If you are going PIC, You can use a custom LCD chip from Philips  (mine
the piclist archives, it was mentioned just a day or two ago).  The standard
chips are from Hitachi, but finding one in the US is like finding Ossama Bin
Laden's Christmas spirit.  The custom chips use serial or parallel
interfaces and take care of all the bothersome timing and 1/3-2/3 bias

5.  you CAN drive an LCD directly from a PIC, with some messing around.

6. Remember, everything about desinging around a custom LCD is easy in
manufacturing, like pulling teeth in development.


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