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'[PICLIST] PIC: (not) talking to 24LC32'
2000\10\06@090812 by John Walshe

Hi Folks,
   I don't often post but this one has me beaten. I'm simply connecting a
24LC32 to a 17C44 RB2(SDA) and RB3(SCL). I have a pullup resistor on SDA and
my waveforms appear to be correct. However I'm not having success.

Does anyone out there have any C code (preferably Hitech) which could help
me out of this bind.

The problem that I see is that I appear to have no response from the
24LC32 - not even an ack to the command byte.
I put a stop before the start just in case it might be in an unknown state
beforehand - but no joy.

Any advice welcome.

Thanks in advance
John Walshe

PS yes it has power and no it is not dead (I've already replaced it once !)



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'[PICLIST] (not) talking to 24LC32'
2000\10\06@094204 by Michael Rigby-Jones

Are you sure you are addressing the device correctly?   Check the state of
the address pins on the eeprom and ensure this ties with the slave address
you are actually sending.


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