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'[PICLIST] (EE): Crystals for 16F877'
2001\01\26@115754 by Ken Robertson

Ok, I need some help (again).  None of the crystals that I am trying seem to be working, and I have narrowed it down to pretty much just the crystal.

My first crystal, was a Series one, so I guess it wouldn't work.  I tried to order the Epson CA301 20Mhz crystal from Digi-Key, but they only shipped it in quantities of a 1000, but they said that they had a compatible replacement for it, the Citizen CSA306 20Mhz.  I bought 3 of them, but ended up with 3 bags of 5 for ~$3.  Really cheap.  Their max imp. is 18pf, but Radio Shack didn't have any 18pf, so I got 10.  10 might be too low, not sure, so I'm going to try 22 later.

What I want to know, is can somebody please tell me the manufacture/part no and where you bought it for a crystal that is known to work with the 16F877?  I don't want to spend more and more money on shipping that is more than the part when I don't really need to.

BTW, my test program to see if it works is just storing something in EEPROM.  Taken right from the PIC's datasheet.

Thank you very much,

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