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'[PICLIST] "Re: [PIC]: Any thoughts on PIC control '
2001\01\05@012531 by Dan Michaels

From: Byron A Jeff (spam_OUTbyronTakeThisOuTspamCC.GATECH.EDU)
>Does anyone know of a protocol that's on a IR universal remote that
>simulates the standard 8N1 NRZ serial format used by RS-232? My thought is that
>that would be the fastest way to get IR remote capability to a PIC based

[hmmm - let's see if I can post a msg to piclist, and not get dinged
by one of the regulars].

Just picked up the december issue of Electronics World, and lo
and behold, there is an article about receiving IR remote signals
on a 16F84, and transmitting to a host over RS-232. Apparently,
source code [Basic] is available for free:

hope this helps,
- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies

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