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'[PIC]kit96 hw does not write'
2007\06\12@091423 by microsoftwarecontrol

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used for 2 years, my lovely kit96 pcb (LS05 made) broken into two pieces.
I tried 3 days already, try to made new kit96 pcb with TI's 74ls06N, but after 3 version, no one works. I can read my old programed pics properly, all bits and ROM. But, writing seems only write 0. After writing, all read back is 0.

what wrong? same PC, same cable, just another pcb made of ls06. why it persistently write only 0?
it suppose to be a simply pcb. but I can not finger out what is going on with my new kit96 pcb now.

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2007\06\12@195043 by Chetan Bhargava

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74LS05 is open collector while 74LS06 is not. Also, Is your Vpp okay?

On 6/12/07, microsoftwarecontrol <> wrote:
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Chetan Bhargava

2007\06\14@022002 by Anand Gadiyar

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On 6/13/07, Chetan Bhargava <> wrote:
> 74LS05 is open collector while 74LS06 is not. Also, Is your Vpp okay?

74LS06 seems to be OpenCollector too. It says "Hex Inverter
Buffers/Drivers with Open-Collector High-Voltage Outputs" for SN74LS06
in the datasheet I have.

2007\06\15@033741 by Pic

Hi Unknown,

Just inspected theschematics on the website and it says use the 05 part.
That looks pausable becourse the 05 is a "normal" OC inverter.

The 06 part however is a High Voltage OC inverter, a complete different

Why not insert the 05 part and look what is happening.



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2007\06\15@034223 by Pic

PS the website says on programming errors:

If you have problems by programming (Programming Failure) and you have a new
486 or pentium motherboard with LTP port on motherboard, then you must
connect an additional ceramic capacitor (330 to 470 pF) between ground and
pin RB7 on TEXTOOL or you can add additional pull-up resistor (4k7) to ACK
line and +5V.

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2007\06\15@034738 by Pic

PSS, and the 06 is used in a other kit than the KIT96 if i am reading the
PDF correctly. The PCB's used on both are different as well.


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> -

2007\06\15@085851 by microsoftwarecontrol

solved. code protect bit on, all read is 0. I ignore this point for days.

kit96 is very simply one, should work with any 05, 06, 244 parts. just have
OR logic in data line, that is all.

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