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'[PIC] warp13a current files'
2005\05\03@174503 by Tom Smith

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Content-type: text/plain; charset 2005\05\03@210142 by Jim Robertson

>Jeff & Al,
>       Thanks for replying. The file-links were dead this morning but since
>my 'complaint' they are working again. I just downloaded what I needed. As
>for the naming convention: the 'c' kit contains the 'f' files. Don't ask  ;) .

There has been no changes to the web site file links for over ten days and
all the files have been
available to people who self nominate themselves as legitimate WARP-13 owners.

If there was a genuine problem with the links (and as it turns out there
wasn't) the contact page explicitly
asks that the any bugs or problems with the web page be reported directly
as they are fixed ASAP.

Yes the setup kit has an updated EXE inserted but the firmware is the
earlier 'c' revision and not
the latest. That is why the set-up kit still is labeled as a 'c' version.


Jim Robertson

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