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'[PIC] rfpic development kit'
2004\01\22@054328 by zignorii

I am new to the list...
i bought the rfpic dev kit a few days ago.
it consists out of a pickit1 (USB) and two receiver and two transmitter

my plan is to bild a device, that scans 10 buttons on the transmitter
module, sends it via rf to the receiver and the receiver should talk to the
pickit1 (where it sticks in). Connected to the PC the picKit1 should act as
a USB-keyboard device which presses the numerical keys (0-9) corresponding
to the pressed buttons on the transmitter...
a similar demo program called "presentation pal" is provided with the kit.

the PIC16C745 with the flashloader firmware on the PICkit1 must be replaced
by another one, programmed to run the USB Keyboard code. It must also talk
to the receiver module, of course...

did anybody something similar already?


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