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'[PIC] odyssey - can't set/unset (+/-) pvcd'
2009\06\25@030353 by Csanyi Pal

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I'm trying to use odyssey for PIC programming on the parallel port.

The new website for odyssey is break down today..

My system is Debian GNU/Linux Lenny with kernel: 2.6.26-2-686.

I did:
sudo rmmod ppdev lp parport_pc parport

sudo odyssey test

and get:
Current Status:
Pwr     = 1    Vpp    = 1    Clk = 1    LVP = 0
DataOut = 0    DataIn = 1
th = 20ns  tl = 20ns

The problem is that that I can't to neither set  nor unset signals:  
p = power  v = vpp  c = clk   d = data (out)
because I get always the abowe mentioned Current Status.

If I load kernel modules with:
sudo modprobe parport_pc

and run

sudo odyssey test

then can I set and unset signals.

Why must I load the parport_pc and parport modules to can set/unset
signals from odyssey because I can read in the setup.txt file this:

directpp - Accesses the parallel port using direct I/O.
Setting up:
 Make sure that no parport drivers are loaded at all. That includes
 parport and parport_pc.

I tried to wrote a mail to maintainers:

but get no answers at all.

Any advices will be appreciated!

Regards, Paul Csanyi

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