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'[PIC] dsPIC based MP3 decoding based on MAD (GPL)'
2007\12\16@184612 by Xiaofan Chen

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Finally it is done!

Resources requirements:
   Flash: ~9.5 kBytes of code + ~11 kBytes of const (8% of dsPIC33FJ256GP710)
   SRAM:  ~25 kBytes of data + ~1.5 kBytes of stack (88% of dsPIC33FJ256GP710)
   CPU usage:
       33.6 MIPS (32 kHz / 128 kbps / stereo)
        6.8 MIPS ( 8 kHz /  20 kbps / stereo)

2007\12\17@110109 by M. Adam Davis

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Hurray!  Now I can build a podcast centric MP3 player that allows me
to adjust the speed of playback (1 hour podcast in 40 minutes, for


On 12/16/07, Xiaofan Chen <> wrote:
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