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'[PIC] crockpot control'
2006\01\11@111250 by Steph Smith

>this was built in 1980 and didn't have a PIC in it.  
>The logic was just a comparator,

It fair takes me back, (puffs slowly on pipe..)
just proves that more complex isn't 'Always'
better,it's pointless switching something with the
responses of a heater on and off at a zillion
times a second; a jet fighter's controls,
now thats different!Theres a very apt saying
here in England 'handsome is as handsome does'
in other words don't use a racehorse to pull a plough.
why not use a plug in timer socket; they're cheap
and safe...

2006\01\11@115012 by Carey Fisher - NCS

face picon face
Can't James just blacklist them?

Uh... oh, this is about cr*o*ckpots.

Never Mind (tm)

2006\01\11@121510 by Howard Winter

picon face
On Wed, 11 Jan 2006 11:50:14 -0500, Carey Fisher - NCS wrote:

> Can't James just blacklist them?

At first glance I thought: "Is someone trying to clobber Russell while he's offline?"

> Uh... oh, this is about cr*o*ckpots.


> Never Mind (tm)



Howard Winter
St.Albans, England

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