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'[PIC] Would appreciate code snippet to get me sta'
2002\09\06@092421 by Magnus von Rosen


I have been trying to get started with PIC programming for a couple of
weeks now, but am having trouble getting something done. I read the
books but it seems like there is so much PIC-specific to learn before
it's possible to even blink a LED.
I have better experience in learning as I go...even though that probably
takes longer time. The problem here is I can't  'go' at all... "Iv'e
fallen, and I can't get up." :)

1. Does anyone have a nice piece of code that blinks a LED? I'm using
the 16F84/84A and the 16F628.
Preferably with some comments so I can figure out what it does and why.

2. My dream project is to design an awesome light-kit for an R/C model.
How should I go about decoding the PWM-signals from the reciever? Should
I count the milliseconds manually through the code, or is there a clever
system that does this for me? I need to know whether the PWM pulse is
between 1-1.4ms, 1.4-1.6ms or 1.6-2.0ms. Any design hints are

Thanks in advance

Magnus von Rosen, Sweden.

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