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'[PIC] Which 18F PIC to use?'
2003\07\15@120750 by Peter Moreton

Browsing the Microchip site today, and discovered that the 64/80 pin
PIC18Fxx20 (eg: PIC18F6520) devices appear to be cheaper than the
PIC18F452 device I am using, even though the newer devices have more

I am wondering if this situation is similar to recent events in the
PIC16 family, whereby the PIC16F84 was replaced by the cheaper 'F628. If
the 18F452 is becoming outmoded, then I'd like to redesign my product
now, using a newer device.

So, my question: does anyone have a view on what is the most 'current'
PIC18F processor range? - with so many parts in the PIC product lineup,
it's difficult to know what parts are obsolete. (I know you cannot be
specific without knowing my exact peripheral requirements, but I guess
I'm looking for confirmation that the 64 pin devices are the way to go?)

Peter Moreton

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2003\07\15@165549 by

picon face
Without closer knowledge it *seems* as the
4-figure-18F-PICs are "newer" than the 3-figure ones.

All 4-figure models has such things as
"power managed modes" and "INTOSC" as the
models 18F1220, 1320, 2220, 2320, 4220 and 4320.
(but the 18F2439, 2539, 4439, 4539 do not)

The models 18F242, 252, 442, 452 lacks this features.

Note also that the 18F6--- and 18F8--- models do *not*
have the above mentioned features.

And, nothing is "obsolete" before they are in the
line cards "Mature PICmicro products" table, right ?

Anyway, as I se it, it's the 18F1220, 1320, 2220,
2320, 4220 and 4320 models that are most 'current'
today, if you do not need the motor control and other
specific features of other models.

And, lastly, you do not have to browse the site
that much, just download the "line card"...


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2003\07\16@113301 by John Ferrell

face picon face
It sure looks good, but the abscence of DIP packaging leaves a lot of us out
in the cold!

Perhaps there is a converter board available?
The datasheet lists all of the Developement tools, but nothing that supports
this package...
John Ferrell
6241 Phillippi Rd
Julian NC 27283
Phone: (336)685-9606
Dixie Competition Products
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"My Competition is Not My Enemy"

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2003\07\16@133835 by Spehro Pefhany

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At 11:33 AM 7/16/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>It sure looks good, but the abscence of DIP packaging leaves a lot of us out
>in the cold!

64 pin DIPs are pretty bulky, even the finer pitch shrink-dips. It's nice to
seem some competitive high-pin-count micros out of uChip. If only there were
40MHz versions of the PIC18F8720 available (64 K words of ROM/3.8K RAM,
80 pins)...

                        Pins            MIPS            ROM     RAM     Price
PIC18F6720              64              6.67/(10 RSN)   128K    3.8K    11.33
PIC18F8720              80              6.67/(10 RSN)   128K    3.8K    11.29
ATmega128               64              16              128K    4K      12.08
Cygnal C8051F124        100             50 (100 RSN)    128K    8.4K    22.31

Prices in 25 qty, USD, Digikey. RSN = "Real Soon Now" = unavailable

>Perhaps there is a converter board available?
>The datasheet lists all of the Developement tools, but nothing that supports
>this package...

I would think the cheapest way to go would be an ICD2 + a header on your

Best regards,

Spehro Pefhany --"it's the network..."            "The Journey is the reward"             Info for manufacturers:
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