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'[PIC] Using PICKit 2 to emulate FTDI2232 Dual UART'
2007\07\17@231814 by Xiaofan Chen

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On 7/12/07, Xiaofan Chen <> wrote:
> On 7/10/07, Xiaofan Chen  wrote:
> > Some hacks by Mark Rages and I:
> >
> >
> Some more examples ported to PICKit 2.
> 1. General purpose USB device demo for PICDEM FS USB
> 2. Jan Axelson's Generic HID device for PICDEM FS USB

One more fast hack. This is a port for Martin Beers' (user name: Brem)
FTDI2232 emulation implementation from Microchip Forum.

The original post is here:

I just comment out the configuration bits stuff and make it suitable
for PICkit 2 bootloader.

It emulates FTDI2232 Dual USB UART/FIFO. I do not have a host
application to test it now. But PICKit 2 now appears as two USB
Serial Converter now with this firmware. :-)


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