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'[PIC] Someone has been overclocking their PIC'
2005\06\14@091358 by Alan B. Pearce

face picon face

2005\06\14@140324 by Jose Da Silva

Should have been marked [OT] not [PIC] especially since there are no
PICs involved here.
Another reason for [OT] is that this project could have been done by
anyone with basic electrical knowledge since it does not take too much
thought process to mount CPU fans in such a manner to make it look like
a computer desktop box.   :-/
I'd rate this project as mediocre to dull since there are better uses
for CPU fans   ;-P

On June 14, 2005 06:13 am, Alan B. Pearce wrote:

2005\06\15@161624 by Dave W Turner

picon face
Rated **** out of *****.  Nice.  I do agree about the [OT], though if
it had been [OT] I wouldn't have recieved it, so thanks anyway ;-).
BTW, I read about some PIC overclocking over at spark-fun.

On 6/14/05, Jose Da Silva <> wrote:
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