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PICList Thread
'[PIC] Programming problems'
2005\12\27@104542 by Nelson Johnsrud

(forgot the [PIC] label in the subject line of the first post -- sorry)

Beginner here -- please be gentle   :-)

I have been having some trouble with inconsistent programming results.  
I get many error messages from the programming software, mostly things
like "Could not verify at 0007h (or other)".  Another message I get
(when loading the hex file) is "The file does not contain a device ID

After spending the last two months reading the posts on this list and
perusing whatever info I can find on the net, I decided to try Nigel's
tutorials at
With these tutorials in mind, I purchased an Olimex PG4D
programmer/development board from because it was
inexpensive and came with a 16F628A PIC installed.  The two birds with
one stone theory.  I am using IC-Prog 1.05D for programming software and
MPLAB 7.21 to convert the assembly source files to hex files for IC-Prog
(I am beginning to wonder if this is a correct procedure).  I initially
tried using the 16F628A supplied with the programmer with the 16F628
based tutorials, figuring it would be easy enough to adapt the config
word and inc files.  Although I had a few glitches at first, I was able
to program a few of the files in Nigel's first tutorial.  Sometimes I
needed a few tries to get some of them programmed correctly.  I ordered
three 16F628 PICs to see if the non-A version would help me with my
programming inconsistencies, but of course that has nothing to do with
it.  I get the same results whether programming in circuit or swapping
the chip into the programmer socket.  What bothers me is that some of
the files I had been able to program earlier I can no longer get to work.

Can someone please tell me if I am using the correct procedure,
software, etc.?  Should I invest in a better (or easier to use)
programmer?  I'm guessing that my next programmer (if and when) should
be compatible with MPLAB to simplify things.  I'm lost here.  I can't
get into studying program writing until I know I can actually program
the chip consistently.

Any and all help will be deeply appreciated.


2005\12\27@124427 by olin piclist

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Nelson Johnsrud wrote:
> I have been having some trouble with inconsistent programming results.

My ICSP writeup at might shed some
light on what the programmer needs from the target board.  Flaky operation
is often insufficient drive levels or target loading of the programming
lines, floating PGM pin, or PGC/PGD crosstalk (although not that common on
16F parts).

Embed Inc, Littleton Massachusetts, (978) 742-9014.  #1 PIC
consultant in 2004 program year.

2005\12\27@132939 by Nelson Johnsrud

Yes, that is a very good tutorial, and I thank you for making it
available on your site.  A few weeks ago I actually printed it out so I
could refer to the info at the bench while setting up the breadboard.  I
have placed it in my project folder for this set of experiments.  
However, it doesn't seem to matter whether I use ICSP or just put the
chip in the programmer socket.  I get inconsistent results both ways.


Olin Lathrop wrote:

{Quote hidden}

2005\12\27@182616 by Dave Lag

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Presume the olimex is a JDM type device?
If using XP do you have the .dll loaded? porttalk or the like?
laptop or desktop? vintage?


Nelson Johnsrud wrote:
>>>I have been having some trouble with inconsistent programming results.

2005\12\27@210805 by kravnus wolf

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perhaps you should invest on buying ICD2 on ebay.
I do notice that some of the programmer are not
that compatible with the mobo RS-232 chip.

You should try to determine whether the Olimex tries
program the PIC properly. You should read the ICSP for
to determine whether Olimex is doing things properly.

Unfortunately the only way I know is to use a logic
or a oscilloscope....... Do not allow this to be a
I first started using a Elcheapo, failed then invested
a PICStart+. It runs perfectly when the IC is placed
Sometimes it does stupid things like not detecting the
but a reset in the software is all that is needed.

I do recommend Wouter's programmer if you still can't
to use the Olimex.  


--- Nelson Johnsrud <> wrote:

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> -

2005\12\28@102805 by Nelson Johnsrud

Yes, it is a JDM style programmer.  I have read about the problems using
the serial ports on some laptops and a few desktop computers.  I was
curious if I may be having similar problems.  I am running this from a 4
year old Hewlett Packard Pavilion XE783 mini-tower desktop machine,
running XP Pro.

However, your question about the .dll prompted me to go back to the
ICProg web site to verify that I have the correct files installed for my
system.  No problems with my installation, but I did find this warning

UPDATE!!! : Please do NOT use the option "Enable VCC control for JDM"
This option is only experimental and NOT for common use! Please disable it!

This option is found in the settings/options menu of ICProg.  When I
checked my settings, it turns out I had the Vcc control enabled.  I
disabled it, and I just now programmed a file successfully.  Perhaps
this is all I need.  Hope so.  Time will tell.  Thanks!


Dave Lag wrote:

>Presume the olimex is a JDM type device?
>If using XP do you have the .dll loaded? porttalk or the like?
>laptop or desktop? vintage?

2005\12\28@103400 by Nelson Johnsrud

You are correct; I should get a debugger. It's on my 'to do' list. I
might have found what was causing my problem. There was an incorrect
setting in the options menu. Hopefully this is all that was wrong. Time
will tell. Thank you for your response. This list is great!


kravnus wolf wrote:

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