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'[PIC] Problem Programming PIC16F877A with ICD2'
2004\10\13@160551 by Koebel, Alen


I'm experiencing a problem with maybe 20% of the parts I try. They don't
program successfully in-circuit using Microchip's ICD2. I get single word
errors that are persistent (i.e., they don't go away on subsequent attempts
to program). These same parts program fine with an older ICD. I get the same
result if I wire the programming signals PGC and PGD directly to the pins of
the chip, bypassing what I've normally got hanging on those lines (which is
pretty benign to begin with). The programming voltage is 13.4V from the ICD2
and 13.5V from the ICD. Anyone ever see this before and what can I do about
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2004\10\13@164716 by William Bross

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I had the same problem earlier this year.  I tried all sorts of filter
circuits and other assorted gadgetry but still had just over 20% first
time programming failures.  After about 4 calls to Microchip, a nice,
un-named tech admitted that all the flash chips from the Gresham OR
plant (877A comes from there) will not always program properly at VDD =
5.0 VDC.  He told me that you can't set the VDD parameter on the ICD2
but, if you run your circuit VDD externally from the ICD2 down between
4.0 - 4.5 VDC, the ICD2 will choose the low voltage programming
algorithm.  Programs a little slower than at 5 VDC, but I've had 100%
first time successes.  I also broke down and purchased the PM3 for
production so I can directly control the programming voltages.  Hope
this little tidbit helps.


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2004\10\14@092109 by Koebel, Alen

That helps enormously. You saved me all kinds of time, I'm sure, as I was
about to contact Microchip and starting asking those kinds of questions.
It's usually always the circuit, never the chip - but not this time, it
would seem. Thanks a bunch!!

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