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'[PIC] Peter Crowcroft'
2009\05\15@160846 by ru12


Many readers would have been aware of Peter Crowcroft, formerly of Tasmania
Australia, who set up an Electronics DIY kit business in Hong Kong nearly 30
years ago. He passed away in 2005. At the time, I reported it here:

(His range of PIC programmers are still very popular.)

Ladda his wife, has had quite a struggle to be able to continue without
Peter, and with the assistance of old friends like Frank of,
she has managed to survive in these poor economic times.

There is a very nice writeup about her struggle in "AmCham", the Journal of
the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

Pages 17-18,

Cheers Don...

Don McKenzie

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2009\05\15@184836 by Vitaliy

ru12 wrote:
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Very interesting, and the struggles they're describing are pretty typical of
small businesses (15 hour days, sleeping at the workshop)...
I am a bit frustrated with the publisher:

Ms Ladda ... said: "I am not worried about the economy. Maybe because I am
just an ordinary working [class] woman and a housewife, and I don't know
much about the financial world, the economy or anything like that. I think
we are doing alright, and that there is still demand out there."

They tried to "fix" her comment, but the end result is the opposite of the
desired effect: "Why is 'class' in brackets?..  Oh!"


2009\05\18@014224 by Daniel Dourneau

I had the opportunity of meeting Peter in Hong Kong, where I bought some of his
kits. Very nice guy and good service and advice.

Selon ru12 <>:

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> -

2009\05\18@083319 by Marechiare

picon face
> r-u-1-2 wrote:
Are you one t(w)o wri(o)te?

2009\05\21@163914 by Bob Axtell

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Hi, Don! Still doing good, I see...

I was able to meet both Peter and his son John in 2005, just before he passed.
Peter was a great guy.


On Fri, May 15, 2009 at 1:08 PM, ru12 <> wrote:
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