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'[PIC] Paging with pagesel'
2008\04\27@004842 by Mujahidin

Dear All,

I'm using PIC16F877A, When the program running in Page 1 (I'm use
Pagesel command to select Page 1), and then the interrupt occur
(Interrupt in page 0 --> 0x04 interrupt vector), after the RETFIE
command the program will confused, its mean the program can not return
back to Page 1 and my program looks like STOP working.

Can anyone give me tips and trick for this problem, or where i can find
the website address to resolve my problem.


2008\04\27@063017 by Richard Seriani, Sr.

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2008\04\27@094556 by Bob Axtell

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Ditto. I have a heavy project in F877A with a 1mS interrupt, all
works fine..if you consider PClath.


Richard Seriani, Sr. wrote:
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