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'[PIC] PM3 programmer BIOS problem'
2007\03\29@102632 by Andre Abelian

Hi to all,

After I connected PM3 MPLAB said there is new BIOS update
I clicked YES the display said please wait and later
after 1 hour I noticed it got stock after power cycle
the display became blank and no matter what I do I can't
bring it back.
I called friend of mine he brought his PM3 after plugged in
same massage showed up I let him decide what to do he licked
YES to update BIOS same thing happened to his PM3 too.
any idea?


2007\03\29@120550 by Harold Hallikainen

I had something similar happen. Here's the fix from Microchip Tech
Support. It appears you need to use EIA232 instead of USB to recover from
this situation.

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Description:           My PM3 was working fine. I went to enable it in MPLAB and
it said a BIOS upgrade was available. I told it to go ahead and install
it. I've waited a half hour and now have a blank screen on the PM3. How do
I get it back?

I currently have this message in MPLAB:

The Bios is corrupted and must be updated now. Once you
see the "Bios upgrade complete." message in the output
window please manually cycle power on the PM3 and select
enable once more from the Programmer menu. More downloads
may still be necessary, but will be handled automatically.
If you are using USB, please wait at least
ten seconds after PM3 has been turned on before enabling.

It's been up a LONG time. The progress bar at the bottom is moving to the
right so it looks like something is going on, but the manual does not
indicate how long this should take.


Resolution:        Hello Harold,

Connect PM3 through serial port (RS-232).

In MPLAB IDE, go to Programmer and select MPLAB PM3 and then go to
"Programmer > Settings > Communications Tab" and select the corresponding
communication port (COMx). Then select "Programmer > Enable Programmer"
and it will give you an error message which asks you to click OK to
download the BIOS and when you click OK it should download the BIOS
successfully and you should be seeing the status bar with BIOS download
percent information.


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2007\03\30@153730 by Andre Abelian


I used rs232 and every thing came back to normal.

thank you very much for your help


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2007\03\30@162059 by Harold Hallikainen

You're very welcome! It had me stumped for a while.


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